Nowadays there are more and more major suppliers of bouquets, flower arrangements and funeral arrangements.
These organizations “rely” on the supplies of the “regular” florists.
It is of course understandable that these organizations also want to get a piece of the pie.
That’s the rub for him now.
These internet companies charge a large percentage for their mediation, which in turn is at the expense of the florist, who has to carry out the delivery.
The executive florist will therefore have to deal “creatively” with the orders that have been passed on.

If you directly If you order from this florist, you will in most cases be cheaper or get more delivered for the same money.

Of course it is also the case that you can always contact this florist directly with questions and you do not have to do this through many detours.
They are physical companies and do not operate from a centrally located office building.

We have also made and photographed everything you see in our webshop.
We deliver as similar as possible to the image, but sometimes we also have to add a replacement flower to a bouquet or flower arrangement, because we depend on seasonal flowers and stocks.
We will always replace a type of flower in the same color scheme as much as possible.

We hope to be able to add you to our customer base and look forward to seeing you again in our webshop or store.

Hans Bosman
Bloemsierkunst Jan Bosman, established since 1967 at the Jan van der Heijdenstraat in The Hague.

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